Are you loving those Mammograms, Ladies?

I just heard the good news this past week…Ontario is dropping the age from 50 to 40 for women to start getting mammograms. That's great news! This means starting next year an extra 130,000 women will have the opportunity to get their boobs squeezed every other year.

Did you know…More than 12,000 women a year (in Ontario) are diagnosed with breast cancer!

Trust me I know the process is not fun but the earlier you can start the screening process and see what your normal looks like then the better off you will be if something happens to change down the road.

I remember my very first screening, in my early 40’s within 2 days of the first mammogram they called me back in to have a second look. So off I went for a second mammogram for my right breast, needless to say I worried.

Of course, the technicians don’t say anything, and I got the “your doctor will be in touch” comment. So I patiently waited and then heard from my doctor and it was decided that I needed a biopsy, so my fears grew and the doctor can’t tell you much because they don’t have any conclusive results, so I was asked to be patient just a little longer.

The unknown can really play tricks with you!

I will admit back then they did get me in quickly for my biopsy, which helped with the nerves. I have to wonder how long the wait would be these days. Again, more squeezing of the boob to get everything lined up and once the process was explained to me it was then that I became very nervous.

The laser is pointed down at my poor squished boob, unable to move or breath as the procedure is under way. If you breathe it could knock the laser out of alignment in that precise moment. I was told not to look or watch the procedure and afterwards I understood why…ugh! It is like this screwdriver is lined up above your boob and in that moment when you can’t breathe it comes down at a very quick rate of speed punctures your skin and snaps up a sample to be reviewed.

All in all, the procedure was quick and relatively painless, just scary in the moment at the way it is carried out. And then the waiting begins, again!

I was so relieved to hear the word Calcification, even though in that moment I was not even sure what that meant. But at least it wasn’t the other “C” word. Basically, one of my milk ducks at one point had a bit of a leak and that is what caused the calcification. Nothing to worry about, but at that point I then knew what MY normal looked like.

It is a procedure we all hate to go through, but so glad when we hear the results that all is normal. Staying on top of your mammogram screening is vital, to get that base line and make sure it doesn’t change year over year.

Take care of the girls, you won't regret it!

Aileen Blair
Aileen Blair

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