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It is Christmas time in the city and the hustle and bustle has already started. With our first snowfall in the books (if you live north of the city) it truly gets you into the shopping spirit. 

The holiday season to me is about giving the gift that says "I thought of you" . I find these days the act of giving gift cards and cash just takes away from the spirit of the holidays. It has become to easy to just run out and pick up a generic gift card with no real thought for the person you are giving to. This may just be me and my wanting to hold on to the true meaning of Christmas, and if so oh well! 

I thought I would put together a list of a few small items that I love! These items will leave you feeling pampered, and they make great gift ideas and stocking stuffers. Geared of course to women, you might want to consider them for daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts or even a little gift to yourself.

Here are just a few of my favourite things...

Puracy Natural Body Wash – This light citrus scented sea salt body wash is fabulous. It is plant derived and hypoallergenic, it lathers up great and I love the clean feeling after using it. Also great for the environment if you love it, you can purchase a refill pouch which is a better value and reuse your bottles. It’s a win/win for the planet.

Natural Body Wash

Monoi Oil - This oil takes me back to my visit in the French Polynesia, a very soft subtle scent that leaves you feeling soft and smooth. I can’t wear perfume otherwise I end up with a headache and this is the one product that I wear and love.

Monoi Oil from Tahiti

Shower Steamer Pucks – These little pucks are the greatest thing for those who prefer a shower over a bath. Similar to a bath bomb but for showers. It’s worth getting a few different scents (Lavendar or Eucalyptus etc) so you have them on hand for when the need arises. Pick your scent, toss it in the shower and enjoy!

Steamer Shower Balm

John Frieda Sea Salt Spray – I have fine hair but lots of it and this Sea Salt Spray helps to give my hair texture and fullness. If you love a beach wave look then a few spritz of this formula and you can work your waves. Oh and it feels great too!

Sea Salt Spray for your hair

Electric Foot File – I have an older version of this and I love this item to help keep my feet smooth, I don’t usually get pedicures during the winter months (not sure why) so this foot file once a week or so and a little cream at night helps my feet stay soft till my next pedicure.

Electric Foot File

Make Up Brushes – When you are getting dressed up to head out to a party or a date night, you always want your make up to look its best and quality brushes really do make a difference. It’s a good investment that will last.

Make Up Brushes and Description

Motivational Journal - Every woman/teen/girl needs a good journal to help keep her sanity. This one offers you motivational quotes to lift your spirits and as you are writing. Journaling will help clarify your thoughts and maybe even clear you mind, giving you a sense of peace once you have your thoughts written down.

A Good Book – The Holiday Swap! I listen to audio books more for motivation but for those who love a good rom-com, my daughter has graciously recommended The Holiday Swap. If you get caught up in Hallmark movies (and be honest…who doesn’t) then this book with a Hallmark vibe should be on your reading list this holiday season.

Bee Balm Lip Balm – Instead of ChapStick you really need to check out this product. I absolutely love it! I have bought all 3 flavours for gifts this Christmas. I am using they yellow one (Hunny) and it is the best thing ever. I use it twice a day and my lips are not dry like they used to be, there must be something in that

Holiday shopping can be stressful and as silly as it sounds so can shopping for stocking stuffers…lol I hope my gift giving list gives you some ideas or even just gives you an Ah – Ha moment to lead you down the right path to help you along with your shopping. 

All the above items (except the Bee Balm) are from Amazon so you can sit back and go shopping in your PJ’s. The Bee Balm Lip Balm has a pretty quick delivery so if you order sooner rather than later you will have it in time for the holidays. I can’t make it any easier than that for you…lol

Let us remember that a Christmas heart is a giving heart.

Aileen Blair
Aileen Blair

Thank you for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed it! My hope is to help you as I share my health and wellness journey as well as places I love to visit and travel to. If there is a topic you would like covered please feel free to mention it in the comments below. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your day!

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