We all cope with grief differently, there is no right or wrong way, it’s a process that we must move through and do our best to try and not get stuck in it.  

In the past 3 months my husband and I have experienced 6 deaths! A couple are immediate family, and the others are people we have met through friends along the way. I don’t think I can say that I have ever known of or experienced this many losses in such a short time.

Grief is like a big, messy puzzle. It's different for everyone and can make you feel all sorts of emotions. Sometimes it's like a storm inside you, and other times it's more like a sad, quiet feeling that seems to just hang around. 

When we go through tough times, it's normal to feel a bunch of different things. There are stages to grief, like when you might feel sad, angry, or like you're trying to make deals with the universe to make things better. And eventually, you get to a point where you start to feel a little better, even if it's just a tiny bit.

Working through grief is a process; it's like a dance of two steps forward and one step back. It's about embracing the pain and allowing it to wash over us like a cleansing rain, and then, when the storm subsides, it’s time to release. Letting go doesn't mean forgetting or forsaking; it means releasing the grip that grief holds on our heart so that we can embrace life once again.  

It's important to remember that it's okay to feel sad, but we can't let it weigh us down forever, like I did after my dad passed away. We shouldn't carry the weight of grief forever. We must let it go when we're ready, so we can get back to living our productive lives.

Moving on doesn't mean forgetting about the people we've lost or the good times we had with them. It's about finding ways to remember them while still enjoying the present. It's all about keeping them in our hearts while we keep moving forward. It’s also about being thankful that they were in your life and have left us with so many moments to treasure. It's about honoring their legacy by living our lives with purpose and meaning. It's about finding solace in the knowledge that while they may no longer walk beside us, their spirit lingers in every sunrise, every gentle breeze, every beat of our hearts.

So, if you're feeling lost in a big mess of emotions, know that it's okay. There are people who understand and can help you find your way through it, should you need. It's important to work through the tough stuff, but also to remember that brighter days are ahead. 

Work through the grief, embrace the stages, but don't hold on too tightly. Because when you let go, you'll find the freedom to live, to love, and to cherish each precious moment moving forward. But most importantly, always remember that as you navigate these difficult days, weeks and even months, you really need to be gentle and kind with yourself.

Aileen Blair
Aileen Blair

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